Bryan Mitchell – Michigan dog photographer

I have been a professional photographer for 35 years, capturing life, struggle, beauty and triumph throughout metro Detroit and around Michigan. For much of my career I worked as a photojournalist and have been a regular contributor to the publications such as Detroit News,  the Detroit Free Press, The Guardian (US), Bloomberg News, AP Images, Getty Images, Hour Magazine, Velo News and others. You may see me around Northville making images for The ‘Ville Magazine.

I have focused more over the last 10 or so years as a portrait photographer such as senior pictures and lifestyle portraits. This past year I decided to bring my skills of lighting and portrait photography to capture fun images of dogs catching treats and making “human” like expressions.

I have a canine family member as well, Rosa the Golden Retriever! We love to walk at Maybury State Park, play tug of war with her favorite toy and play fetch at the dog park with her favorite ball. She loves playing fetch and could do it for hours on end! LOL!

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